To tell or not to tell

During one of my checkups post my diagnosis for breast cancer, I asked to be tested for the brca gene. The houseman laughed and said, "by all means fill in the application, but you will get nowhere." There was no family history of breast cancer; consequently, he did not believe I would qualify. I, however, had a gut instinct … Continue reading To tell or not to tell

Learning not to feel guilty

When I finished my treatment for Breast Cancer, I was determined to do something with my life. I felt obliged to LIVE LIFE to the full. To find the job that ticked all the boxes for me and gave me satisfaction. Six years ago this month I went back to a job I did not … Continue reading Learning not to feel guilty

Body Image and Confidence After Breast Cancer

I was delighted and excited to be invited by Breast Cancer Care to be interviewed by renowned Fashion Psychologist, Carolyn Mair. I have always loved fashion but am of the ilk that will wear clothes that suit me rather than being a slave to the latest trend. Body Image was not a prevalent issue when … Continue reading Body Image and Confidence After Breast Cancer